San Antonio, TX: Family Photos (The L Family)

7:02 PM

It was a cloudy day in San Antonio. As I peeked out my window to check the weather, I could see the clouds rolling in from off in the distance. I looked down at my phone to see a text from Justice with a screen shot of todays weather forecast that didn't look too promising, confirming that we were still on for today's shoot . We decided to go for it and try to beat the storm before it hit us in the downtown area, and I'm so glad that we did!

Once we got to Brackenridge Park, it was all hustle and bustle with the usual Sunday crowd- families gathered together, sprinkled across the park, birthday parties and balloons, alternating with good old fashioned BBQs.

We set up near the Bridge, one of my favorite spots, to capture a few photos.

Hope you enjoy your photos, Justice!
You have a wonderful family! ;)


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