What to Wear - For your Engagement Photos! Top 5 tips to make you look fab!

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   Chances are you've stumbled upon our humble blog because you're thinking about getting some professional portraits done some time in the near future!

 While this article is mostly geared toward Engagement Photos, (and you can follow the link to our beautiful Pinterest board with tons of color palettes and outfit combinations to help you look great on picture day) these five tips will work for anyone that's about to get in front of the camera!

Click here for to see our outfit pairings and color palettes:

Or continue reading for a few great tips!

Top 5 Tips to make you look fab in your Engagement Photos:

1. Try Bright Colors. 

While you may not want to go overboard and do ALL brights, a few pops of bright color will liven up almost any neutral palette, and add extra flare to even the most simple wardrobe. Have fun! Try bringing in one or two pops of color and building the outfit around it - Like a bright solid dress or skirt for the ladies, or a bright solid shirt for the guys, and then add matching accessories and layers!


Do try to stay away from busy patterns and words on clothing. Subtle patterns work well, but anything with words or a design that's too bold will stick out like a soar thumb and become distracting in the finished product. 


Subtle patterns and Solid colors work great!! For those of you who don't want to have to think too hard about what outfits you want to wear, this is your safest (and easiest) bet! 

4. Please NO Matchy- Matchy!

Try not to match each other exactly. For example: Both wearing blue jeans, and white shirts. We've all seen it... And most of us have been apart of it at one point in our lives or another..but please! Try to steer clear of this one as much as possible or risk dated looking photos and that dreaded JCPenny Portrait look! 

Rather than that, try to pick a palette of colors that go well together and stay within those handful of colors. When having several colors to choose from rather than just 1 or 2, it sure does make shopping or looking through the closet a lot easier!


5. Get Comfy!!!!

Another DO! - DO Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that make you feel great! If you're constantly feeling like you have to "suck it in", or like you keep having to adjusting your wardrobe, that's probably not the outfit you want to break in that day. Your discomfort in your "foreign" attire will make you fidget and won't come across well in your photos. So pick something that makes you feel fab! And those tried and true wardrobe picks you've always loved!

Hope these 5 tips gave you a little inspiration! Now get out there and be your fabulous selves!

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Thanks for reading! <3


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