Tennessee Wedding - Paris Landing State Park - Manolo + Teresa

4:49 PM

Rewind to just a few short years ago. 

She had just arrived to San Antonio to help her aunt pack and prepare to move to a new state.

What she didn’t know what that her seemingly ordinary trip to be there for a family member, would be the trip that changed the course of her life, the trip where two paths would cross that could not be untangled.

Her stay in San Antonio was scheduled to last a few months. Being that it was going to be quite a lengthy trip, she decided to get a job at a Local restaurant. It was a new and happening place just on the river,  and just so happened to be the same place that Manolo was already employed.

As she started her job, Teresa was the new, cute girl at work, and Manolo had heard about her from a couple of the several guys wanting to get a bit of her attention. However, It wasn’t until a Halloween Party shortly after that they were formally introduced, and the spark that lit between them happened instantly!

A few weeks went by, Teresa’s Aunt had a birthday party. Manolo, of course, would attend as he was eager to spend some more time with this girl!  A night on the town for some drinks, accompanied by some of their friends. The two would soon become inseparable. Quickly they began to realize that the connection that they had was something special. Just a few short months, Teresa would decide to make San Antonio her future home to continue her relationship with this very special guy.

This is a relationship, that I’ve had the pleasure to witness it’s blossoming and growth from up close. Manolo and Teresa’s relationship progressed with ease, and it is plain for anyone to see that these two compliment each in a special way.

This past Saturday, a group of their closest friends and family gathered in Teresa’s hometown to witness them pledge their love and commitment to one another, and begin their new life together.

Here's just a few of my favorites from this beautiful, fairy-tail like wedding:

The lace detail and beading on this beautiful vintage style dress was just breathtaking!

Gifts' for the groomsmen. Customized flask with a Hemingway quote!

Mother - Daughter <3

"The beginning of our Greatest Adventure!"

The Kiss!

Cheers to you two! May you have many more happy years ahead of you!

Thanks for reading,

- Amanda W. V.

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  1. These photos truly capture the day! Very excited to see all of your creative work. Please include the ones from Grandma's house too. Thank you for being a part of our day. Annette & Neal Nayman

    One small correction, Teresa's home town is Hazel Green, AL. The Kentucky area is where grandma and grandpa settled.