San Antonio, TX - Brackenridge Park - Engagement - Briahna + Josh - Sneak Peak!

6:41 AM

It was a warm Sunday morning in Texas. We headed out to Brackenridge Park late morning to create some beautiful images, and try to sneak past the rising heat before it got the better of us. 

Gorgeous couple above? Meet Briahna and Josh <3

They're just recently engaged from a surprise engagement on Memorial Day where Josh and his brother employed a brilliant idea of having "Family Holiday Portraits" done as a way to have the whole family gathered, looking sharp, and to have a professional photographer hiding in plain sight to capture the event when he popped the question!  Very sneaky and a great idea!! Two thumbs up on that one, Josh!

Here are a few sneak peaks of what we captured from our Photo Shoot on Sunday. We absolutely adore the way their blue outfits look against the grey metal of the bridge in this one above <3 I'm not gonna lie....  a "blue steel" reference might have slipped out of my mouth as we set up the shot... for all you Zoolander fans out there, lol.

 Just beautiful, you guys look great!

They may look just incredibly cool, and Briahna, you're totally stunning in this one, but believe me, this couple loves to laugh!

AND NOW....... for a little behind the scenes for ya!

On location at the Photo Shoot (Photo Credit: BK McKee)

Some before and after action! We shoot in the camera very intentionally with a mixture of natural and artificial light to be able to achieve our signature look in the final edit. 

Right side: Strait out of the camera with natural and artificial light. Left side: Massaged with love as the final custom edit comes to life!

Alright! That's all for now, folks! After all, this was just supposed to be a peak.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading!

And Briahna and Josh, we wish you happy wedding planning over the next few months!

- Amanda

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