Austin,TX Sunset Engagement: Lily + Roger

8:22 PM

It was at a friend's house. He was sitting in the living room just casually playing video games when she walked by. As she moved past the television screen, he craned his neck as to not lose site of what he was doing. And she was just there to hang out with her girls. That's the night that they were introduced. But they soon went their separate ways, and didn't think much of it at the time.

It wasn't until one night when they attended a party with a mutual friend, that things would change forever. The three of them arrived together, but shortly after entering, their friend was pulled away by the company of her own date, leaving the two of them alone in a crowded room. 

It didn't take long for the two to hit it off, and  they spent the rest of the evening enjoying conversation with each other. Just a few short weeks later the couple was headed out to their first date to see the movie of the year- Avatar, and the rest is history.

Now their love is in full swing and they're excitedly planning their big day!

We headed off to a beautiful park just north of downtown Austin at sunset for some photos.

The place was lush and green, and full of vines that hung over head.

Congrats you two love birds! May you have many more happy years ahead of you!


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